The i-on Christmas Survival Guide

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Break free from the stresses of the festive season with our selection of brilliant tips from clever locals, crafts celebs and Team i-on too. Just don't expect any wise words from Elf on the Shelf. He's a bit tied up...

The Shopping: Schedule frequent rest-stops

Ian Rankin

“I do all my shopping in Edinburgh...and plan my route to incorporate as many pubs as possible.” Author Ian Rankin


“Have a couple of extra gifts up your sleeve as you may have a last-minute need for them, you never know when an unexpected visitor could turn up.” Dale MacPhee, General Manager at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh –The Caledonian

The Food: Forget about eating healthily

Nina Nesbitt

“By January, you’re going to feel like a big blob anyway so make the most of the Christmas holidays by acceptably binge eating. Whether it be Christmas dinner, chocolate, Yule log, mince pies... just eat it. And obviously drink a lot of mulled wine at any given opportunity.” Singer Nina Nesbitt


“Limited oven space is one of the main challenges on Christmas day so get your bird cooking early, then rest it under plenty of foil and a few tea towels to free up the oven for all the sides; you’ll be less stressed and get juicer meat as a result.” Jess Dennison, owner of Edinburgh café, 27 Elliotts

The Family: Escape the tension

KT Tunstall

“If your Uncle has started talking politics and your cousins have already polished off a case of Chardonnay by 11am, ‘going for a walk’ is always a good option. It’ll also help get your appetite up again.” Singer KT Tunstall


“My daughter has just turned one and I have no intention of playing Santa this year. There’s plenty of time for that when she’s old enough to understand that the gift is what’s IN the box, not the box itself.” i-on features Editor Carrie Mitchell

The Parties: Plan ahead

Jarvis Cocker

“Make sure you have enough money for the taxi home: the only two times I’ve been badly beaten up happened while I was attempting to stumble home from a Christmas do. The second time, they nicked my specs. Write your address on your hand before you go out, so you can show it to the driver if you become incoherent. Or I suppose you could just not drink quite as much.” Jarvis Cocker, Musician  


“Never underestimate how much your friends and family can drink...or is that just mine?!  Always a have a few extra good bottles at home just in case, no one wants to have to venture out for more booze in the wee small hours.” Colin Hart, General Manager of Lady Libertine and The Register Club

The Hangover: Think before you drink

Fiona Fowley, owner of Zen Lifestyle

“I used to love wine and fizz but as I’ve gotten older, my hangovers have become much worse so I stick to vodka and tonic these days. I also religiously drink a bottle of Skinade a day –I swear by it. Not only does it really help your skin with the marine collagen and cocktail of vitamins but it is a massive energy boost too.” Fiona Fowley, owner of Zen Lifestyle


“Have a supply of Solpadine and lots of water to hand and always eat some form of salt in your breakfast. I also snack on melon and pineapple as I find when I eat my water, as well as drinking it, it tends to rehydrate me pretty quickly. And if you can fit in a wee nap too, you’ll be good to go again by 4pm.” i-on Account Director Amy Falconer

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